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little bit about me
Hi y'all! My Name is Paisley. I'm a 20 year old, true Southern Belle from Georgia. I live on a ranch with my Mama, Pop, Twin sister Gracie, little sister, Mary and little brother, Henry. I love GOD, Sweet Tea, Fireflies, Country music, Cowboys, Wranglers and the outdoors. .

My Loves ♥

First off, GOD. I love him with everything in me. I couldn't imagine going a day without getting down on my knees and praying and thanking him for this amazing life he has given me. Second, Gracie Lou, My twin sister. My built in best friend, one who will never and has never left my side. Thank you for being my light and my leaning post. My Mama and Pop, for raising me to be a true southern lady. For teaching me right from wrong, guiding me down the right paths in life. For being strong for me and for being the best leaders in faith. For their strict rules and loving arms, I could never thank them enough.

Disclaimer ♥
The photos posted do not belong to me unless stated otherwise or posted with a watermark. Credits to this theme goes to sunsetboulevardxo.

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